Covid-19 Policy

Message from The Marmara Hotels & Residences COO Because We Care Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

  • Our teams have completed their training on the issues of combating the pandemic, organized by the Human Resources Department, prepared with the contributions of workplace physicians, Occupational Health and Safety experts.
  • Health screenings and periodic examinations of all our employees are carried out and results are checked regularly by the workplace physician. People with whom they were in close contact were informed to provide information in a suspicious situation and not to come to work.
  • Service vehicles used for commuting to and from work carry employees at half capacity and are disinfected daily.
  • Hygiene mop placements were made in all entrance areas and crossing areas designated within the hotel and especially food production.
  • Thermometer measurement is performed contact-free during the entry of all personnel to work.
  • Personnel uniforms are cleaned in accordance with the protocols and daily changes are provided.
  • Our employees work with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, overalls, glasses.
  • Daily briefings, warnings and inspections are carried out by the relevant department manager prior to the start of work.
  • The staff were provided with a seating arrangement appropriate to the social distance in the dining rooms and to eat at different hours. All meals are served by cooks. The materials on the tables are disinfected before each use, salt, pepper, sugar, etc.are kept as disposable.
  • Permanent disinfection of all areas of personnel use and frequent daily cleaning of alcohol and chlorine-based products are used.
  • Our security personnel and welcoming teams use masks and gloves.
  • The contact-free temperature measurement of our guests entering the hotel is carried out and a protocol has been established regarding the action to be taken in case of high fever.
  • Disinfectant units, masks are provided to the guests at the security point at the entrance.
  • Our guests are advised to wear masks in general areas.
  • Guests’s luggage and belongings are disinfected at the entrance. As per Covid 19 procedures, specify if you do not want your luggage to be carried after disinfection.
  • All suppliers, visitors and third parties who come to the hotel except the guests who are staying, enter the hotel under the same protocol as the employees at the entrance of the staff.
  • All incoming cargo and deliveries are delivered through disinfection process in the goods acceptance area.
Check In & Check Out Operations;
  • There are warning boards in the public areas to inform guests.
  • In front of the reception, cautionary signs were located to severel areas.
  • Check-in is done digitally, rearranging to require minimal contact.
  • In addition, guests who send information by e-mail before arriving at the hotel can receive room cards only by signing their registration card.
  • All the paperwork, pens, keys used at the reception were disinfected before being given to the guest.
  • Necessary arrangements (Contactless credit card transaction, virtual pos etc.). have been made for payment with minimum contact. When contact process is required disinfection process is performed before serving the next guest.
  • Digital applications are used to contact our guests for requests and questions.
  • Suitcases are carried by our employees who wear masks and disposable gloves.
  • In case of cash payment, the money received will be kept in separate boxes for disinfection and if change is required, the money previously disinfected will be given.
  • The receptionists serve guests with masks and gloves.
Guest Rooms;
  • Our employees who are cleaning rooms work with personal protective clothing and equipment with antiviral disinfection applied and changes are provided at field passes.
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers in the floor corridors that are easily accessible to guests.
  • In all general areas of use and rooms, apart from the frequent daily routine cleaning, detailed cleaning and maintenance were carried out and permanent disinfection procedures were applied.All surfaces are protected with nano silver content with 90-day permanence and all areas with intense contact with hands and body are protected with water-based nanotechnological antiviral disinfection with 30-day permanence. Alcohol and chlorine based products are used to increase the disinfection effects of daily products used in cleaning.
  • Before and after cleaning of guest rooms, air cleaning is provided with ozone technology.
  • Cleaning using disposable cloths,mops, silicone toilet brush and silicone cleaning sponge prevented the risk of contamination between area crossings.
  • During the preparation of the rooms for new guests, cleaning of the floors, seating groups and all sanitary areas before daily cleaning protocols is done with steam surface and floor cleaning machines.
  • All products offered for guest use are disposable,and products that provide sanitation have been added to this portfolio.
  • The dirty textile material in the room is bagged in the room and sent to the collection area, followed by all washing protocols and isolated after cleaning and disinfection procedures and made available to guests.
General Areas;
  • In the general guest areas, there are easy-to-access liquid disinfection and waste units along with stimulant information.
  • Permanent disinfection with nano silver ion and water-based nanotechnological disinfection products has been made in all general use areas such as guest rooms.
  • Daily cleaning and control periods are frequent, with alcohol-based chemicals and disposable cloths and mops.
  • Disinfection of open areas is done daily.
  • Arrangements and necessary cautionary information have been made in accordance with the social distance rule in the areas where guests will be found collectively.
  • We kindly ask you to use elevators 2 people at maximum.
Health Club & Fitness & Spa;
  • After guest use, areas such as locker room,shower, steam and massage rooms are closed after use and cleaning and disinfection process is carried out.
  • The use of the equipments in the Fitness rooms, Sauna and Turkish bath is arranged according to the physical distance.
  • There will be a distance of 1.5 – 2 metres between fitness equipment.
  • In order to avoid the intensity of use in the gym, we convert memberships to the reservation system.
  • All towels, loincloth and robes will be given as sets in a bag. Soap and shampoo will be removed from the showers in the fitness area and a disposable boucle will be provided.
  • All members are informed about the rules of  hall using. So that they can use the areas healthily.
  • Additional measures have been taken in the cleaning of the pools in our hotels under the supervision of professional consulting firms.
  • There are dosing systems that clean pool water and perform proper chlorination. Samples taken from pool water are tested daily by technical teams.
  • All sunbeds are cleaned every night with water-based nano-technological antiviral disinfectant for 30 days. The sunbeds have been rearranged to be one and a half metres.
  • Pool towels are served with bags. Covered and/or disposable materials will be used.
  • There are antiviral hand soap dispensers as well as liquid disinfectant units in the shower areas.
Food And Beverage Areas;
  • Additional measures have been taken and implemented by our food engineers and food and beverage professionals for the current “Simply Safe” Food Safety System under the consultancy of Rentokil.
  • All procurement and preparation processes have been reviewed and maximum cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out.
  • All food and beverage service areas have been reorganized to have a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables within the framework of social distance rules.
  • Guest areas are cleaned and disinfected periodically.
  • Service procedures are applied where physical contact is minimal during service.
  • All service equipment is disinfected or disposable products are used. Tables are disinfected before the next guest.
Restaurants and Bars;
  • Breakfast & Lunch and Dinner: We use digital menu and QR codes. Also, menu cards are disinfected before being presented to the guest. All restaurants and bars are served with a la carte menu and all products are covered.
Banquet & Catering;
  • For our Catering service, our award-winning and experienced chefs and sales officials are ready at any time for the menu and arrangements appropriate to your organizations and invitations.

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