Because We Care

Message from The Marmara Hotels & Residences COO Because We Care Covid-19 Policy

Because We Care

  • The Marmara Taksim Hotel has been allocated four floors for our health workers to stay in.
  • One room was left empty to minimize primary transmission between the rooms to be used (droplet infection isolation method)
  • All rooms were arranged to accommodate single occupancy.
  • All non-essential plastic and cardboard materials in the rooms were collected in consideration of the long stay time of the virus in cardboard and plastic materials and within the scope of the knowledge that each material in the environment may be a separate source of infection.
  • Materials such as towels and sheets to be used in the rooms are kept ready for use in packages.
  • Carpet known as a major source of contamination has been removed from the rooms.
  • All surfaces in the room, from the kettle handle to the couch surface, have been disinfected with antiviral disinfectant for a duration of 4 weeks.
  • Chlorinated surface cleaners and alcohol-based disinfectants were used for daily cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms.
  • It is planned to apply ozone for a period of 2 hours 15 minutes to dispose of microparticles suspended in the air in floor corridors.
  • In all rooms and in all general usage areas of our hotel, a silver ion disinfection application has been made which is lasting between 3 and 6 months.
  • The room cleaning instructions were revised and the rooms were ventilated for 1 hour before cleaning, 15 minutes after ozone application, and the steps were applied.
  • The materials in the minibar have been replaced with disposable products.
  • The attendant working on the floor works with overalls-gloves-mask-protective glasses, boots if necessary. Housekeeper cart and cleaning equipment were furnished only with daily consumables (Boucle material-Paper Group) and permanent disinfection was applied. Permanent disinfection has been applied to the underside of the shoes of all floor attendants and is repeated frequently due to wear time.
  • A room close to the service area on each floor was allocated for the use of the floor attendant and all materials to be used were stored in this area. At the end of work, the housekeeper meets personal hygiene requirements such as shower, uniform change and moves to other areas of the hotel.
  • The Textile Group (single bed linen and towel group, duvet cover, pillow cover) which will be needed in a room is kept in separate bags and taken as a package and entered into the room cleaning.
  • Newspapers, magazines, plastic products and promotional brochures were removed in the hotel's public areas.
  • All chair, sofa and carpet groups after steam cleaning application was made permanent antiviral disinfection.
  • Hand sanitizers were placed in the personnel usage areas, mask-gloves were distributed and usage trainings were given.
  • Elevators, escalators, stairs and their call buttons-straps etc. areas such as where hand contact would be intense were disinfected and renewal frequency was determined according to usage rates.
  • All parts of the X-ray device in the entrance area of the hotel that come into contact with the guest goods have been turned off and subjected to permanent disinfection application one by one, reducing the risk of cross contamination.
  • Hygiene mats were applied at the entrance of the hotel's staff and guests.
  • In all general area WCs, after chlorine and alcohol based cleaning, permanent disinfection application was made, daily detail cleaning is done with steam, while Intermediate maintenance is done with alcohol based decontamination and chlorine based cleaning product.
  • Soap disinfectant used was replaced with a higher ratio product.
  • A separate counter is placed in front of the reception area (in front of each screen) and special areas were created to be used for works such as signature of the guests etc. and protective distance was determined between the receptionists and the receptionists.
  • Daily/detail cleaning and disinfection applied in all guest communal areas were applied with the same shapes and products in all rear areas.

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DEC 03 - DEC 04, 2021

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The hotel grounds are gorgeous, with spectacular views from the pool and the terrace restaurant. Our room had an enormous balcony with breathtaking views.

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Commitment to Sourcing Cage-Free Eggs

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