Timeless Experiences

Timeless Experiences


Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble performed an unforgettable concert on the 16th of June at Embassy of Germany Summer Residence. Nearly one thousand people had attended to the concert, which was sold-out in a short while. With the official accommodation sponsor of the festival The Marmara, we’ve made a short interview, which the fans would love to read.

Isabella van Keulen Blog

-You’ve reached to a great amount of fans after your association with the group in 2011. What is the secret of this success, other than coming together with these harmonious musicians?

-People come to watch us, because we have a name. We communicate with the audience and with ourselves by our music. We adress the emotions and people seem to like it.

-Your music is quite simple, but inspires deeply. What do you think is the biggest factor of your music that inspires people?

-First of all, to be recognized. Our music is very straight and like talking about something from the life, which makes it more interactive. “Interactive”, that’s the word to explain it.

-Do you think you’re making a difference by combining your music with classical music?

-Yes, I’m improving in both ways. I’ve learned a lot from Piazzolla’s music. I can find more colours from Mozzart, with my violin and communicate better. I’m on an interesting journey since 2011 and improving my classical music. I’m feeling more independent.

-The tickets were sold-out in a very short time. Did it make you happy, to recieve such an interest from the people?

-Absolutely... I was incredibly happy. People start to like us, when they listen and understand what we’re doing.

Isabella van keulen blog 2

-You’ve been to İstanbul before. What do you think about the city?

-I’ve been to İstanbul 7-8 times and love the city. Here is what we can call a “mixture”. A city, which connects Asia, Europe and all the religions.

-Some musicians relate the tones of music with colours. What are the colours of your music?

-I always see colours. When I talk to my students, I tell them that I see colours like red or blue. I grew up with colours, because my father was a painter.

-So, you combine all the tones with colours?


-Who dou you prefer to listen, when you’re alone?

-Generally, Piezzolla. I also love to play Bach, who is as important as Piezzolla. Sometimes, I also prefer to listen to big symphonies.

-Alright, It’s nice to see you again in İstanbul. Have great concert.

-Thank you...