Timeless Experiences

Timeless Experiences


Balance in life, meaning and positive soul are maybe the most important searches in peoples lives, who are acting in final velocity, because of the routines of life, business tempo and relationships. Yoga, which is being made by more people day by day in the west for the last 30 years, has become an answer for refreshing, calming and listening to yourself in the city life.

Today we know that, over 20 million people are doing Yoga in The United States. In Turkey, people from different communities are interested in Yoga and started to this journey in the last 10 years. Basically, yoga is a spiritual study. However, it makes people want to continue with it's physical, breathe and mind exercises. There's a very scientific process in the backround of yoga. In the very first lessons, the cortizol level of stress hormon starts to decrease, neural system starts to settle down and person starts to feel the center of his/her soul and starts to get relaxed.

Deniz Bayan Yoga 1

Moreover, Yoga is also recommended by the doctors too. With the help of stretching exercises of Yoga, person can relieve the exhaustion of city life. To start doing yoga, you don't have to be stretchy, strong or experienced in sports at all. It also doesn't have any age limits. Every person can join the yoga lessons according to their needs and levels. Even more, yoga is an important medicine for older people to prevent from muscle and bone illnesses.

The Yoga poses, in another meaning: Asanas, stretches your muscles in a safe way, the lactic asits gets out and cronical pains and stress will go away from your system. Your respiratory system will also get better and the muscles around your chest will get stronger to help this. As it can be seen, yoga is a medicine for your body and soul.

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You can take yoga lessons with groups or private. The lessons last avarage 1 to 1.5 hours and starts with meditation and awareness exercises. After that, the lesson continues with some physical poses with the safe leading of the instructor. At the end of the lesson, a 5-10 minutes of resting and relaxing session starts. This session can be counted as the most valuable and important part of yoga, since you'll be experiencing the concentration and internalization the effects of yoga. This session is also called "savasana".

If you'd like to have your own moments in your daily life and also get physically better, you should try yoga and get alive!