Timeless Experiences

Timeless Experiences

genç yetenek

We all believe that music heals the soul and like to anounce that, The International Young Talent Music Competition, which is being made in several European countries since 1970, will be made 2nd time in Turkey. The competition will be in June with the sponsorship of The Marmara Hotels.

The competition aims to discover young talents and directed by Dr. Benal Tanrisever Simsek, who is also a piano virtuoso. In the competition; the importance of the music and the education of it will be strenthened in an universal level, young talents will have the chance to represent themselves and different cultures will have a strong relationship. Finally, an interaction platform will be developed. There'll be 2 stages to participate:

1- Online applications from the website to join the auditions.

2- After the auditions, the participants of the live final in Istanbul will be chosen by the votes of "Likes of the Public" and "Likes of the Jury".

All the young talents aged between 9 and 18 can apply to Piano Solo. (Students of conservatory, fine arts or any music schools won't be able to apply.)

This year for the first time, the competition will be honouring special guests in "Special Category". These guests are the ones with special needs and can have lower or higher learning needs.

You can apply to the competition with the required papers till the 7th of May 2016 and visit ugy-istanbul.com for more details.

We hope for a better world with the power of youth and art...